As we already said, collections are the core concept of pikimoni. They are used to define the elements that should be displayed on the page.

You can manage collections by clicking the collections button on the control panel:


Different kind of collections are available. At the moment we have Images, Audio and Text. Depending on the page, one or more collections is needed.

Collection's types

At the moment the colelction's types are:

  • Images
  • Images 2
  • Audio
  • Text


Each page needs specific types of collections, depending on the exercice. Some exercices need only one image's collection. In Jobs for example you only have to display one collection and the student must pick up one image.

Other exercices are a bit more complex and need two diffent kinds of images. For example drag and drop exercies where the student must move one image on top of another. In the feeding animals exercice for example we have two different kind of images: food (Images) and animals (Images 2).

Audio collection allows you to create a collection of audio files that you can play at any time during your lesson from the control panel.

In other exercices you might want to display a text. This is why we have text collection's type.